Shreevani Foundation

Shree Vani Foundation aims to work on a variety of aspects that touch lives and improve the way people perceive life. The multifold missions of Shree Vaani are


- Renewing temples, developing the places of religious importance.
- Introducing new facilities in the already existing religious sites.

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- Imparting education that promotes Spiritual awakening of the individual.
- Identifying and supporting talents who have achieved accolades in the field of education.
- Conducting guided recital sessions of various hymns and mantras to the people

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- To create awareness amongst people about the existing medical aids of the government.
- To encourage people to take up group medical insurance and other best practices for better healthcare.

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- Reviving lakes and other water bodies.
- Constructing water sumps and educating people about the importance of rainwater harvesting.

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- Harnessing solar energy for houses
- Emphasis on smart electricity management

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