Shree Durga Parameshwari Bhajana Samiti Gumpaladka

From ancient times man has been doing religious activities like Bhajans, Aradhana and Yakshagana for his inner peace, for the unification of society and for recreation.

In our district there are some Bhajana mandali, Yakshagana mandali and Mitra mandalis which are engaged in religious activities in their own way.

With the guidance of K.S.Vishwanath, to gather people for devotional and social work, a bhajana mandali has been established which is called as Shree Durgaparameshwari Bhajana Mandali, Gumpaladka, Alangaru.

In 1987, a trust has been founded under the presidentship of Shri Alangaru Shankara Narayana Bhat and Shri Ram Bhat being the secretary of the Bhajana mandali has been established. Initially, even though there wasn’t a well-equipped building that didn’t hinder the participation of people. During the decade of 1990 programs like Yakshagana were organized and around 2000 people were used to gather. In 1996 a proper building has been constructed and since then on every Sunday bhajan has been taking place. On special occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Sharadotsava and annual day special bhajan programs will take place. On annual day programs along with bhajans, Durga pooja, Satyanarayana pooja, Ganahoma and many other divine programs will be organized.

This bhajana mandali consists of 44 cents area and have all the facilities including buildings for small level programs. Around 4-5 years back the building has been renovated in 9.5lack rupees.

Without any caste discrimination, the bhajana mandali has become the centre for youth gatherings. May all their social works will continue like this.

Shree Mookambika Devasthana Alangaru

Shree Mookambika temple is a religious center residing in midst of nature near the border of Vitla, Mudnooru. The place is only 15 km away from Shree Kundadka Vishnumoorthi Temple (Via Vitla). Though it doesn’t have any historic past, 28years have been elapsed since its construction.

History of the place : The place was consecrated by divine inspiration. Goddess herself desired to dwell in the place and inspired Shri Varmudi Ram Bhat by appearing in his dream, who later constructed this temple.

Padmini Ram Bhat, wife of Ram Bhat and administrator of the temple says that Ram Bhat built the temple with his own money and all the expenses of Jatre and daily Poojas are taken care by Ram Bhat.

Ram bhat was a lawyer in Mangalore. During the decade of 1960 Bhat and his brothers purchased property in Alangaru. He got this particular land in 1970. Since then the Goddess began to appear in his dream and asked for shelter. Consequentially ‘Ashtamangala’ was done and the reason for that divine inspiration came to know that Ram Bhat in his past birth around 250 years back lived in that place, later he went to Kodachadri, became a monk and he was blessed by Goddess Mookambika.  Hence, in the beginning, two platforms related to Shiva and Goddess were built and worshipped.

Temple construction: In 1986, with an aspiration of building a temple in Alangaru, the foundation was laid with the blessing of the seer of Shri Ramachandrapura mutt. It took four years to complete the construction and on 7th of February 1990 replica of Kolluru Mookambika Idol and idol of Ganapati were consecrated. Since then every year on February 7th jaatraa mahotsava has been taking place and on that day feast (Anna santarpana) with be there. Ram Bhat in his own money, presented all the necessary jewels for the idol. A beautiful building attached to the temple has been constructed in 1993-94. After Bhat’s demise in 2002, under his wife’s leadership Ashtabandha and brahmakalashotsava have taken place again in the year 2003. At present Gururaj Bhat, the priest of the temple has been performing the pooja everyday.

Greatness: Worshipped with religious vows for the sake of job or studies will be surely fruitful.