The land of rivers and lakes, the abode of Kamadhenu- Kalpavruksha, the hotspot of Temples and one of the finest historic places, Vishnu Nagara, Kula- Vitla Mudnoor is ready for a cultural and spiritual renaissance and revolution.  This time, from the people. It’s a revolution to renew temples, to rejuvenate lakes, and to reach the epitome of spiritual bliss.

At Kundadka, we believe that the secret of success of any movement lies in the hearts and souls of the people who form the movement and bowing down to the almighty God is the only way to achieve the bliss of success. We have come a long way reforming and renewing the minds and lives of people we influence. This Website will reflect the reforms and changes that we bring to our lives. We believe in strengthening the society socially economically and Spiritually and thereby building a strong foundation for a greater and better India.

Kundadka Shri Vishnumoorthy Temple

Shree Vishnumoorthy Devasthana is situated in Kundadka, Bantwala Taluk of Dakshina Kannada District. Shree Vishnumoorthy, Shree Aadimaaye, Shree Maha Ganapathi, Shree Dharma Shastaara , Naagaraja and Guliga are the deities worshipped here.

Temple Routine Details

Adisthala - Badikere Saanidhya

The Adistala- Badikere has Diety Jalaroopi Vishnumoorthy. This is where the idol of Shree Vishnumoorthy is believed to have been found. The Lord is accompanied by Raktheshwari, Nagaraja and Jumadi.

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Shri Malaraya - Moovar Daivangal Daivastana

The Moovar daivangala Daivasthana is situated in Madathadka Shibarikallu Maada Kallamelu. To the North of this Daivastana Malaraya Daivasthana is located. The Daiva Bhandara is taken from Jainara Kodi and the Bhandara goes to Shibarikalla via Kallamelu. The Moovar Daivangala Nemotsava happens here. The Bhandara for Moovar Daivangal is situated in Jainarakodi In Kula Village.

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About Shreevani Foundation

Shreevani Foundation is established with an aim of developing the self-sustained eco-system of Kula – Vitla Mudnoor region. Emphasis is given to empower people culturally, spiritually and holistically.

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